Johnny Appleseed coloring page and activities

Johnny Appleseed coloring page : Wondering where you can find some nice Johnny Appleseed coloring page? Well my friend, I found some links for you, but before you go, here's some brief facts about Johnny Appleseed. John Chapman was a pioneer and a missionary known under the name of Johnny Appleseed. Why the Johnny Appleseeds well because he love to plant apple trees everywhere he went , places like Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Johnny Appleseed became a living legend in his time and was often evoked in art and literature. Johnny Appleseed was one of the first American Environmentalist, a green friend of nature. Johnny Appleseed was an American pioneer that went across the USA before it was the USA and planted appleseeds wherever he went. Johnny Appleseed was a great man and he really loved nature.

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Johnny said...

Johnny Appleseed coloring page! Thanks for the links

Anonymous said...

March 11th or September 26th for Johnny Appleseed Day! This day should be celebrated on the day of his birth. What do you think?

Media Planet said...

A birth is a more positive day than a death. So Johnny Appleseed Day should be celebrated on September 26 the day he was born!